Chlorine Safety System


Overview of Chlorine Safety System

Chlorine Safety System is designed to ensure secure handling and storage of chlorine, minimizing risks in water treatment facilities. With robust features like leak detection, emergency shutdowns, and ventilation controls, it safeguards against potential hazards. Our system integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure, offering comprehensive protection and regulatory compliance. Trust in our advanced technology to maintain a safe environment while optimizing operational efficiency in chlorine management.


Discover Greenscrub, our eco-friendly solution designed to effectively remove hazardous chlorine gas while minimizing environmental impact.


Greenguard sets the standard in protecting chlorine gas leaks into the environment.
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Greenscrub – Chlorine scrubber system

Chlorine scrubbers remove pollutants by injecting liquid into the gas stream. In the case of chemical scrubbers, the liquid injected reacts chemically with the gas pollutant to strip it out of the waste stream.

GREENSCRUB is our in-house designed emergency chlorine scrubber system used for venting chlorine gas in case of chlorine gas leaks. We also ensure that the installation is compliant with the relevant authorities.

Greenscrub – Wet Scrubber

Dry Chlorine Scrubber System


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Greenguard – Chlorine emergency shut off system

A emergency shut off system minimize your risk and liability from chlorine gas operation. GREENGUARD is our emergency shut off system to provide an extra measure of safety for the environments. Our fully automated controlled system can respond to a leak immediately via a pneumatically controlled system with optional visual and audio alarm. The system is armed to shut off the chlorine valves when there is a leak so that hazards is reduced by isolating the main source.




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